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Tainá Bergamaschi

Tainá Bergamaschi is a Brazilian guitarist born in 1996 in Barbacena, Minas Gerais.
She first developed her interest in music when she earned a classic guitar from her family, around 10 years, which she started practicing and learning by herself.
Later on, she got her first electric guitar, and had her first contact with extreme music, deciding, then, to learn more about heavy distortion and electric guitars, joining her first band at the age of 14. 
Throughout her career, she played in bands from different metal genres, such as thrash, symphonic, and on her most recent ventures with her former band Hagbard, folk metal.
Although Death Metal has always been her favorite genre to listen to and play, she never got the chance to join a band in this genre, making her addition to Crypta, in May 2020, a big shot to pursuit a musical career she has always dreamt and worked for.

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