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Fernanda Lira

Fernanda Lira is a bassist and singer from São Paulo. Born in 1989 and having her 1st contact with Metal at a very young age, she first felt like learning bass at 13. 
As a teenager, she played in many all girl bands from different metal genres.
Later on, she studied Journalism for 3 years and had a career in the metal press, working for many vehicles writing articles, interviews and live reviews and even hosting both metal TV and Radio shows.
In 2011 she joined the Brazilian thrash metal band Nervosa, which career she helped build for almost a decade, recording their first EP called ‘2012′ and their following 3 full lengths – “Victim of Yourself”, “Agony” and “Downfall of Mankind”. With them, she also got to tour with solid names in metal and play many gigs in almost 60 countries, including some of the most important festivals around the globe. She decided to leave the band in April 2020.
She’s currently full-time focused on Crypta only, which she co-founded in June 2019, and where she plans to invest all her time and experience earned throughout the last years.

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